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IntelliVoice | Hosted PBX | Video Conferencing | Business Phone Service

IntelliVoice |Could Hosted VoIP PBX Provider | Business Phone Service

Cloud Based Communications

You’re in great hands with IntelliVoice. In addition to managing and maintaining your business voice service, our expert sales and support team will help you with every aspect of deploying our PBX/Voice products, including: Planning, configuration, and installation of your hosted VoIP service Dedicated project manager and point of contact 24×7 proactive monitoring detects issues before they become problems US Based Technical support

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IntelliVoice |Could Hosted VoIP PBX Provider | Business Phone Service

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IntelliVoice’s United States-based team with 24/7 customer support means you have the service you want when you need it. Our hands-on team will help you customize and implement the perfect plan for your business. From 3 employees to 300, remote meetings to a robust telecommunications infrastructure, when your business needs cloud based communications, you can trust IntelliVoice to deliver the 1:1 service you deserve.

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IntelliVoice | Could Hosted VoIP PBX Provider | Business Phone Service

What Our Clients Are Saying

“IntelliVoice is proactive and monitors all aspects of our service which helps my business stay up and running with zero downtime. They are the best communication solution for Vero Beach businesses.”

-Nicolas C

“We are a busy property management company located in Vero Beach. We’ve been using Intellivoice for about 3 years and couldn’t be more satisfied with their service. They offer the best cloud-based communication for our needs.”

-Desiree L

“Every business has different needs when it comes to phone services. IntelliVoice took the time to learn about our business needs and helped us choose the right phone service for our organization. Their one-on-one personal service is unparalleled and makes them the best VoIP solution in Vero Beach."

-Ken F

“We've been using Intellivoice for the past 2 years and have found it to be easy to implement and consistent. The ability to send and receive calls remotely through their FusionUC App has been efficient for us as our employees travel frequently.”

-Kerry K

“IntelliVoice cared to learn about our business, Yanks RV Resort, and what services are important to us. They shipped out pre-programmed phones to us here in California and we were all set to never miss another call. We are extremely happy with the ability to text our guests and save 37% on our monthly bill compared to our last provider. Switching to Intellivoice was definitely worth it.”

-Jodi S

“Their phone service systems work great for my pharmacy and the Auto Attendant feature is very helpful for my patients. I had a very unpleasant experience with my last provider and switching has helped us tremendously. Thank you for your service!”

-Kazi I

"We needed an affordable solution that would be reliable and provide excellent voice quality. When I learned more about Intellivoice, I knew they were the right choice. They’re highly professional and always quick to respond to any issues we have."

-Steve F

“Regardless of where you’re located, Intellivoice will get the job done! We have employees across the country and IntelliVoice was able to smoothly transition each user with zero downtime. He is professional, thorough, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Vito and Intellivoice!”

-Jen A

IntelliVoice deserves our highest recommendation. Their cloud communication services have been a game-changer for us. By integrating voice, video, and messaging seamlessly, they've elevated our team's collaboration to new levels. Their platform's dependability is exceptional, allowing us to communicate without interruption. With personalized solutions and exceptional support, IntelliVoice is a true partner in our success.

-Brad J Rad Software Giants

**All Hail IntelliVoice: Communication Hero!** Guess what? IntelliVoice totally saved us from communication chaos. Their cloud magic pulled our calls, videos, and messages into one tidy place. No more hunting for info or dealing with gremlins in the tech. If you need a hand getting your communication act together, these folks are like the Avengers of the cloud world. Cheers,

-Kenneth J AC Tech Gurus

**Staying Connected, Thanks to IntelliVoice!** Just had to give a shoutout to IntelliVoice – they've seriously changed the game for us. Their cloud thingamajigs brought our calls, videos, and messages all together in one place. No more dropped calls or lost messages. It's like they read our minds. If you need a hand with your communication stuff in New York City, these folks are the real deal. Catch you later,

-Anthony k Rival Machine Revolution

**Flawless Communication Made Possible by IntelliVoice!** IntelliVoice has transformed our Manhattan Firms communication strategy. Their cloud solutions seamlessly brought our voice, video, and messaging together, ensuring our team stays connected. The reliability of their platform is unmatched with 100 percent uptime, keeping us productive without a hitch! Their tailored approach and top-notch support have exceeded our expectations. Thanks to IntelliVoice, 7 years strong, our communications have reached new heights. Best regards,

Brandon Y Message Frontier