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Adding Bluetooth Headsets to Yealink Models T46S and T46U


  1. Yealink BT41 Bluetooth Adapter Required.
  2. It’s recommended that you select a bluetooth headset device that’s on Yealinks Tested and Approved List. (others may work fine but not guaranteed).

Step 1

Insert the Yealink BT41 Bluetooth adapter into USB Port on back of T46S or T46U with the label that says TOP facing UP.

Step 2

Enter the Menu Mode to setup Bluetooth Settings (Message may already be displayed asking if you to start Scanning for Bluetooth Devices Now.

At this point you can select OK.

If there is no message displayed, then proceed to the phones menu system to get into the Bluetooth settings by pressing the Menu Button (Pictured Below).

From the Menu Select Basic (Pictured Below).

From the Basic Menu Select number 7. Bluetooth ( Pictured Below).

On the Bluetooth Screen Switch Bluetooth on and Select Save. Then place your Bluetooth Device into Pairing Mode.

One your Bluetooth Device is in Pairing Mode, select the Scan Button on the phone (Pictured Below).

Now, look for your Bluetooth Device in the list, select it and press the Connect Button (Pictured Below).

Once the Bluetooth Headset Device is Connected, you can now engage it by pressing the Headset Button to the Right of the Phones Keypad.

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