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How Do I Configure Lamp Field (BLF) For Monitoring Day/Night Mode?

Table of Contents

Procedure #

  1. Log into the Portal and navigate to Inventory > Phone Hardware with a scope of Office Manager and higher.
  2. Click on the cog icon to the right side of a Intelli-Builder supported device that you wish to enable with this feature.

  1. Find the line you want to add the button to and select the Toggle Timeframe option from the Select a Feature drop-down menu.

  1. Once selected, you should see an additional an auto-complete drop down of the timeframes available to the user configured on Line 1. Select the one you wish to toggle.

  1. You can add a custom label if desired, otherwise, the timeframe name will be shown on the phone.  Click Save once you have completed the configuration
  2. The result of this configuration is that the configured button will show the equivalent of an available user BLF status on the device when the timeframe is enabled and the equivalent of an in-use/busy status (often red) when the timeframe is disabled.
  3. Pressing the button will toggle the timeframe status and play the new status audibly shortly thereafter the BLF will adjust the status accordingly.


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