Steven Foor

Wyland & Tadros

“We trust IntelliVoice for all of our Voice Over IP Phone System needs. IntelliVoice is highly professional and always quick to respond to any issues we have. We needed a solution that would be reliable with excellent voice quality, and save the company money. IntelliVoice has consistently delivered impeccable service with the highest degree of reliability.”

Kerry Kaufman


"We have used Intellivoice for the last year and have found it to be not only an easy system to implement but one that has consistently performed well with no downtime or technical glitches that can be common with other systems. The ability to make and receive calls remotely through the app or web soft phone has been amazing as our employees travel frequently. We appreciate the personal service we’ve received with Intellivoice and will remain a loyal customer for years to come!"

Lisa Polly

Indian River Radiology

"Every business has different needs when to comes to choosing a phone service. Vito at Intellivoice took the time to find out about our business and helped us choose the right phone service to benefit our organization. The clarity of service for VOIP is unparalleled, customer support is extremely knowledgeable and turnaround times have been wonderful. All that and still managed to save our company over $700.00 per month!"

Ken Felten

Brown & Brown Insurance

"When it comes to a vendor who handles your business communications and, therefore, your ability to do business with clients, you need a vendor who is completely dependable. Intellivoice is proactive and monitors all aspects of our service and fixes any issues before we even realize we are having any. When issues do come up their customer service is excellent, always helping with a smile. We love the call quality we get with IntelliVoice, everything sounds perfectly crisp. IntelliVoice works hard to make sure that you are always connected and always happy!"

Desiree Lindahl

SoundView Property Management

"We are a busy property management company with over 70 communities throughout Florida. We have been using IntelliVoice for about 3 years and I couldn't be happier with the service. Before IntelliVoice we were using a phone system we had purchased and using Vonage for the service provider, since Vonage was the cheapest service we could find. Vito was able to match what we were paying to Vonage and the service is a thousand times better. I only wish I had met Vito earlier, it would have saved me a lot of aggravation I experienced with Vonage. The phones we have are very user friendly and perfect for office use. We are able to have conference calls within our system that previously we had to pay for. We have six phone lines currently and we turn our phones over to an after-hours answering service at night and before IntelliVoice we had to switch the lines over one at a time and it was a multiple step process with IntelliVoice it takes two seconds and it’s just a click of a few buttons, so easy! If we ever have an issue with service, which is very rare, Vito is right on it. I can always get a hold of him and he gets it resolved ASAP, which is very important in a business like ours. He understands how to keep customers happy and is always there when we need him. I highly recommend IntelliVoice for your office phone system, you will not regret making the change!"

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